"Of those to whom much is given, much is required."
John F. Kennedy


Each NorthStar team participates in team-based community service projects. Teams have helped raise money for many causes, staffed countless volunteer events, participated in Adopt-a-Family, Toys for Tots, and many, many other valuable causes.  This service is an essential part of the NorthStar mission of the pursuit of excellence. 


In 2007 we announced a partnership with Northern Michigan Special Olympics to bring the joy of the game to special need athletes. 

We held our first event at JFK January 30, 2007. and it was a great success. NorthStar coaches and more importantly NorthStar players staffed the event and were touched and amazed by our experience.

We are looking forward to creating a summer event that brings Special Olympics athletes from the region to have the same fun time and provide a deep and powerful experience for all.