We believe in….


Developing Young People

  • the player as a whole person
  • people development is primary- Character, Class and Contribution.
  • not just soccer and not just “now”
  • players first; player development is more important than win and losses
  • higher and greater expectations for all players
  • creating soccer opportunities for players of all ages
  • giving players opportunities for personal growth on and off the soccer field
  • opportunity for all players to be part of NorthStar
  • each individual player’s personal growth
  • helping players find their inner strength
  • impacting the person positively


Pursuit of Excellence

  • our value is on the field and in players’ lives
  • the win is great, but executing the skills learned is better.
  • quality over quantity
  • programs drive revenues – not the other way around
  • we never cheat
  • players will achieve the levels of excellence set for them
  • challenging ourselves; higher and greater expectations for ourselves
  • identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • individual growth
  • coaching training for quality
  • allowing the students to become the teachers
  • creating coaching excellence
  • prepare, dress, act, train, as champions
  • plan, do, check, adjust



  • respect for others
  • community service
  • what we put back in we will get back in greatness
  • making a positive impact on our players and our community
  • community involvement
  • leave a legacy
  • love




  • coaches and staff should model the behaviors we want to see in our players
  • principle centered decision making – person, player, play, club
  • consensus decision-making among staff and coaches
  • preparation for the future
  • unwavering faith that we will endure through all the challenges we will face; good or bad