Why is Risk Management important?

The Risk Management program is important because it enables us to protect our young players. With keeping their best interests in mind, we strive to provide them the best environment to learn and grow as possible.

Risk Management allows us to keep them safe by making sure that they aren’t being influenced or interacting with the wrong role models. Kids look up to and admire their coaches, assistant coaches, trainers, and managers and it is vitally important to us and parents that precautions are made in order to keep a safe and fun environment.

Who runs the Risk Program ?

Risk Management is run by Michigan State Youth Soccer.   The clubs or leagues do not have the ability to process a risk management approval for anyone in their club or league. Every Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, Trainer, (League) Board Member, and Volunteer must certify for Risk Management

Starting July 12, 2010, all MSYSA Risk Management applications will be processed via GotSoccer.




New  NorthStar & GTSL Coaches;   

              1.  Go to GotSoccer.com and register as a Team & Team Official ( manager);

                                          a. Set up your Individual Got Soccer Coaches or Manager account.


               2. Apply and pay for Risk Mgmt Background check.

                                          a. Cost is $10.00 and Major Credit cards are accepted.

                                           b. *Note**: The club may choose to pay for your Risk Card expense, if

                                                  prior approved; the NS/GTSL Administrator will email you a Voucher# to use as the payment method.

              3. Click tab for Background. Fill out all the information accurately and then submit.

              4 . You will receive an e-mail when you are approved, typically 1-2days.

              5. Once approved you can log back in to your GotSoccer  account and print your risk card. 




              1.  Once you have completed the Step 1 above; you will need to register for the team you are helping via the Club Portal.

              2. Please visit the follwing link | Click Here, You will need your Risk ID # inorder to register for a team.

              3. Follow the portal instruction and select the position you are applying for on a specific team.


REMINDER:  Your Risk Mgmt ID is to be with you at all times when you are with the players




Why is a national criminal history background check needed?

MSYSA always has the membership in mind when it comes to Risk Management. The introduction of a national criminal history background check is an improvement to the existing Risk Management System to
provide even more safety to our young players.


The only applicants who can apply without supplying a Social Security number are those who were born and/or currently live in another country and do not have a Social Security number. Such applicants need to send in a completed paper application to the MSYSA State Office along with a $10 check or money order made payable to MSYSA. All others are required to supply their SSN in order to become Risk Management certified

*All your information contained in the application, including your SSN, will only be used for the purposes of running a National Background Check and is required by our provider. All information is kept secure at all times using 128-bit encryption and double-password protected, all data transfers are encrypted, and all paper forms are destroyed within 60 days.


Who needs a Risk Management Approval ?

Every Adult (at least 18 years old) Applicant is required by MSYSA to apply for Risk Management using the
Got Soccer Online system.   This applies to all coaches, trainers, team managers  basically anyone who directly interacts with players.


The MSYSA Risk Management system will only certify adults who are 18+ years old. If you are not at least 18 years of age on the day you apply, your application will not be processed and the $10 application fee will not be refunded by MSYSA.  If you are under 18 years old please register directly with NorthStar/GTSL Mentors Link You can also use this as verification of hours worked for Honor Society or other Community Service projects.



What do I do if my Risk Card has expired?

GTSL will provide you with new voucher number to be used as renewal payment.   Please contact the GTSL Administrator so you get a voucher number and apply at the got soccer site using the voucher as payment.


How do I know if I have been approved?

Your coach/manager should check his RM by signing into his Coaches or Team Officials Got Soccer account to see if MSYSA indicates he/she has an approved RM certification.


What it it shows I am not approved?

If there is no approval showing then the coach should click Check Reports to see if there is a valid MSYSA RM certification. 

If your coach believes he has a valid RM certification but it is not shown when he clicks Check Reports then he should verify that he has entered his full legal name, date of birth, and correct current address in his contact information.

If after clicking Check Reports again and there is still no valid risk management found then contact Jamie Wand at MSYSA via phone at 734-459-6220 or via email at [email protected] Please provide her your name, date of birth, Risk Management number and expiration date so she can review the situation.