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Promoting, mentoring and nurturing excellence inside and outside the white lines.
- Mission Statement
General Information


NorthStar Soccer, Inc.

501C3 Non Profit Corporation


Mission Statement:  

To utilize soccer as a vehicle to teach and reinforce the lessons and rewards associated with the pursuit of excellence.


NorthStar is much more than a collection of teams wearing the same uniforms.  Almost all the management for NorthStar Soccer is done by NorthStar volunteers, the exception being the administrative work for the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program or MSPSP.


NorthStar History

NorthStar was founded in 1994 on the belief that working for something greater and beyond themselves gives young people a tremendous life experience. NorthStar provides an unparalleled standard of excellence for players who wish to play at the highest level of the game and for players willing to commit to the concepts of hard work, self-sacrifice, and community service in pursuit of their soccer dreams. We want those players who not only eat, sleep, and breathe the sport, but those who are prepared to conduct themselves in a manner which brings honor to their club, their community, and themselves.

Parents and Volunteers

NorthStar is as strong as its volunteer base; we ask that every parent contribute what time they can to the quest for excellence. There are many and varied tasks that have been clearly identified and many that can be done by committing a reasonable amount of volunteer time. The tasks vary from banner carrier to uniform coordinator with many fun and exciting jobs in between! All of these tasks are designed to enhance the quality experience of the NorthStar players.

NorthStar is blessed by long-term volunteers - many who no longer have girls in the program or perhaps never had girls in the program.  Without them this program would not be able to create what it does for our players. These volunteers fill in a number of unseen functions that are critical to our club’s success - Linda Rea - Nancy Korbel - Jamie Wheelock - Marilyn Vlach - Jim Lumley - Sue Doherty - Ron Budros - Veronica and John Moyer - and many more!


Head Coach and Directors

Darrell Rogers, NorthStar Head Coach, serves as our President and Director. He is a former collegiate player and is a nationally certified soccer coach (USSF "C" license through the United States Soccer Federation) with extensive experience coaching premier-level girls’ soccer from U12 through U19 and college. He is also a registered coach and member of the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Athletic Association). As co-founder of Traverse Bay Area Youth Soccer, he has coached players who have gone on to outstanding college careers and US National Team membership. Coach Rogers was the 1999 Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) Girls Coach of the Year. 

Jim Furstenberg serves as our Vice-President, Secretary, and Director.  Jim manages our corporate records and administration, assisting the President and directors as necessary. He serves as the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program team liaison and as the lead director of the NorthStar Special Olympics program.  Jim is a nationally-certified coach(NSCAA National Diploma) and a registered coach-member of NSCAA.  He was the 2005 Michigan State Youth Soccer Association Girls Coach of the Year. He has coached players who have gone on to outstanding college careers. Jim is also the club web-site administrator.

Reggie Rix serves as a Director and Club Academy Director.  He is a registered coach-member of the NSCAA and holds a NSCAA National Youth Diploma.  He acts as the lead technical director of the NorthStar Academy and is the Grand Valley Soccer Association (GVSA) team liaison. Other duties include registration manager for the Great Lakes College Showcase (GLCS).


NorthStar Opportunities

Community Service.  Each NorthStar team participates in team-based community service projects. Teams have helped raise money for many causes, staffed countless volunteer events, participated in Adopt-a-Family, Toys for Tots, and many other valuable causes.  This service is an essential part of the NorthStar mission of the pursuit of excellence.  We believe and promote the concept of “To whom much is given, much is asked.”

NorthStar Special Olympics - In 2007 a partnership was created with Northern Michigan Special Olympics to bring the joy of the game of soccer to special needs athletes.  We held our first event at the Just for Kicks Sports facility on January 30, and it was a great success. NorthStar coaches and, more importantly, NorthStar players staffed the event and were touched and amazed by the experience. We plan to create a summer event to bring together Special Olympics athletes/teams from around the region to share the fun times, while providing a deep and powerful experience for all the young women in our charge.

NorthStar Academy Camps - Academy Summer and Winter camps were created in 1995 to do two things:  


 1. Provide a fun venue for younger, non-NorthStar players to interact with positive role models in the form of the older NorthStar players who act as coaches and mentors for the six week event.

 2. Provide technical training for these younger players within the short-sided game model of player development.    

During these camp sessions, a NorthStar coach meets briefly with the parents in attendance and explains the evening’s topic, its importance, and how the parents can reinforce the learning. Many of the young girls who attended camp as 8-12 year olds now serve as NorthStar player staff as 16-18 year olds! 


NorthStar Player Scholarship Fund - The s cholarship fund was set up for the purpose of collecting and distributing funds to families to ensure that no one would be denied participation with NorthStar due to finances. NorthStar parent volunteers review the scholarship policy and administer the awards.


NorthStar Reserves  NorthStar is selective but never exclusive.  Every player not selected for a NorthStar roster is offered a chance to be a member of a NorthStar team as a reserve player. If a player wants the NorthStar experience or simply wants to prove us wrong in our selection process, she is not only welcomed but encouraged to do so; this has been policy since the inception of NorthStar.

Until recently it was often a registration hassle to make this policy a reality – to allow a player to pursue her soccer dreams – but now the registration process has been simplified to allow reserve players. With NorthStar’s membership in the US Club Soccer organization, the mechanism exists to allow us to officially register the reserve players on a NorthStar team.  We refer to this as NorthStar Reserves.  They train with their NorthStar team and participate in all NorthStar events.  At some ages and in some situations, they may also be able to compete in league and tournament games. If these players also want to participate on a recreational team with Traverse Bay Area Youth Soccer, Petoskey Youth Soccer Association, or other regional clubs, they are encouraged to do so. 

There are a number of great stories that tell of NorthStar reserve players who were moved off reserve onto the regular roster mid-season or mid-year. Many reserve players have been selected to a NorthStar team following the next tryout process. One famous reserve player refused to believe she was not chosen; she insisted on being a reserve and eventually was selected to and made a captain of her NorthStar team. She was recruited and played NCAA Division I soccer on an athletic scholarship and named captain of her university team her junior year.


 NorthStar Affiliations

NorthStar Soccer Inc is a soccer club, it is a self-standing, Michigan Corporation with 501©(3) non-profit status granted by the IRS.  NorthStar has iit's own bylaws and governing policies that are in accordance with a recognized Michigan corporation. NorthStar Soccer Inc is a “director and volunteer” run soccer club.

NorthStar’s direct "soccer" affiliation is as a charter member (club number 17 out of 5,000) of US Club Soccer, which is a member of the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), the top governing body of soccer in America.

Soccer Organizations

Throughout the world there are three types of soccer organizations: Clubs, Leagues and Associations. 

Associations can be of clubs (US Club Soccer) or leagues (Football Association – FA England) or other associations (Union of European Football Associations - UEFA). 

Clubs exist primarily to either develop players (youth and national clubs) or make money (professional clubs)…sometimes both. 

Leagues exist to provide either clubs or non-club (recreational) players a structure within which to play.  NorthStar, although a division of TBAYS, a league, plays in the Michigan State Premier Soccer Program, which is also a member league of MSYSA.

US Club Soccer was founded based on the following reality: leagues do not develop players, the clubs do. So it was proposed that there be some recognition of this fact and representation of this responsibility at the national level. The friction that can arise between clubs and leagues in Northern Michigan exists throughout the US.  When clubs only had official status at the whim of leagues and conflicts in mission arose, the clubs were completely dominated and over-ruled by the leagues.  This often had a negative impact on the clubs abilities to focus on player development.



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