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Promoting, mentoring and nurturing excellence inside and outside the white lines.
- Mission Statement


NorthStar Soccer Club Policies





NorthStar Pursuit of Excellence

For any organization to function efficiently the operating procedures must be understood by all members and uniformly applied in a fair and consistent manner. The following information is to ensure  that there will be no misunderstandings as to what is expected. If you have any questions concerning any of these policies contact your NorthStar coach immediately

The very nature of a select/premier team dictates the need for a serious, disciplined, and conscientious effort by all players. We must never forget that our teammates are constantly striving to improve themselves and their contribution to the team.

Poor personal behavior or inadequate level of effort can never be allowed to adversely affect teammates who are “giving it their all”  In simple terms, we must constantly attempt to motivate, encourage, and assist teammates in their efforts each and every day.

To that end the following will not be tolerated. -Rude, disparaging, berating, teasing or any form of negative behavior toward another player, coach, or parent. -Behavior which excludes any individual or group. (clique formation)


I understand that failure to comply with the commitments and responsibilities (outlined below and in NorthStar policies located on the NS website) may result in disciplinary measures such as, but not limited to, reduced playing time, game or team suspension, or removal from the team.  Failure to follow through on my commitments will also reduce my merit ranking status and play eligibility.

Specific commitments that are part of every NorthStar team include:


Players are expected to attend practices on time and be ready to play; this means dressed, fed, and well rested.  If a player cannot attend a practice or other NorthStar event, she is expected to contact her NorthStar coach before practice and explain her absence.  Players need to bring to practices: personal water bottles (no sharing), appropriate weather-related clothes (warm-ups, gloves, hat, etc.), shin guards (dress in practice like you do in a game), and a soccer ball.

Team Competitions:

Players are expected to participate in all league games, tournaments, and friendly matches unless arrangements have been made in advance with the coach.   



 U-16 and older players are expected to act as mentors/coaches for the NorthStar Academy Winter and Summer Camps.  In addition, older NorthStar players will be assigned a NorthStar Buddy who they will be responsible for individually mentoring over the course of the soccer year.  This pairing will take place at the August NorthStar Kickoff Picnic, an event all players are expected to attend.

Playing Time

Playing time is determined by MERIT. Each position and playing time will be earned. Hard work, positive contributions to team chemistry, attendance at practice and other NorthStar events, adherence to team goals, norms and tactics will be determining factors. Nothing is guaranteed from week to week except the opportunity to control your own destiny. 

The players who start in a game and to some degree their playing time, may be determined by the following:

 Attendance and punctuality

 Measured and ranked practice activities.  -These will be done every session and reported a.s.a.p. to the players. They then will be ranked for the week and the month. Examples are 1v1 competition, 4v4 competition, Air ball competition etc.. There are a variety of competitive games that the players will be scored and ranked on.

 Speed and Fitness activities  --.Ex: shuttle runs, cooper fitness test, speed ladder ratings.

Coaches Discretion. Items considered are: contribution to team chemistry, work ethic, leadership abilities or any exceptional performance or specific ability.

Positional Need. If we need a certain position filled then we look for the player that plays or can play that position.

NorthStar believes in and respects the fact that players play other sports. We will try to make this as painless for them as possible, while trying to uphold the integrity of the team. If there is a conflict we strongly suggest that the player make the decision.

NorthStar expects that the PLAYERS should make the proper contact and advise the appropriate party of the conflict or their absence.  If a player is approved to miss a practice they will receive a score just below the lowest score for that practice session for any measured and ranked event. This allows us to be fair to those that are at practice.

Keepers: The keeper position is a special position. Goal keepers will be expected to particpate in all field player activities including measured and ranked events. That is why NorthStar firmly believes that the keepers need to have and continue to work on their field skills as well.

Starting Positions:  Just because a player has earned a starting slot does not necessarily mean that they will receive the most playing time. The NorthStar coach will always reserve the right to put the most effective team on the field in the best interest of the overall team or current competitive situation.

Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco

NorthStar’s policy on drug, alcohol, and tobacco use is ZERO TOLERANCE. If NorthStar becomes aware of any player who has become involved in under-age drinking, illegal drug use, or the use of tobacco, the player will be dismissed immediately WITH NO REFUND of any fees or costs paid to date.  There will be no second chance, reinstatement or appeal.  Do not jeopardize your hard work and dedication by poor personal choices.

A player dismissed from her NorthStar team for drug, alcohol or tobacco violation is not eligible to participate in any team or club activities or events during the soccer year* of dismissal, with one exception….the player is allowed to tryout for a NorthStar team that would begin play in the next soccer year.

Soccer Year

soccer year” is defined by United States Youth Soccer as August 1 of the tryout year through July 31 of the following year.

Logo Trademark

The NorthStar logo, and all variations of it are Protected by Trademark. Not unauthorized duplication, alteration or reproduction is allowed without written consent of NorthStar Soccer Inc.


No profanity is allowed at any time. We must always remember our roles as mentors and guides to our teammates and the community, The NorthStar standards of excellence in play and behavior cannot thrive in an atmosphere that tolerates profanity.

Uniform Rental Policy

All items provided are property of NorthStar Soccer Inc.


Are not part of the rental uniform and players are responsible to purchase their socks via the NorthStar Soccer Club on line uniform store.

All items provided by NorthStar Soccer Inc must be returned in good condition without damage or any alterations. The user is responsible for all damage or loss of their NorthStar Soccer Club custom uniform.

Uniform set


Carries a $150.00 replacement fee if lost or damaged and a $25.00 late fee if returned beyond the due date or returned not cleaned.   


We understand that a players number is very important however there is no guarantee, nor requests to be entertained for a player trying to obtain a specific numbered kit.


Partial refunds of uncommitted fees less any transaction fees incurred will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Examples of non-refundable, committed funds include, but are not limited to, league registrations, club and team administrative fees, coach and trainer fees, referee fees, field rental, and tournaments for which the team has already registered.

Examples of committed funds, which are not refundable, include but are not limited to: league registrations, club & team administrative fees, coach and trainer fees, referee fees, field rental, online ccard, processing and tournaments and any fee for which the team has already registered.


Camp Registration Refunds: Refund of camp fees are allowed prior to the start of camp and are subject to a $15.00 administrative fee.



Tournament Teams /Special Event Teams:

Teams may be formed for the purposes of attending a specific tournament(s) under the direction and discretion of the NorthStar directors. 

Players from any Senior Division team, rostered or reserve, may be invited to participate in a tournament or event as part of a team assembled for that specific purpose. These events are above and beyond the events listed in the Team Plan and are by invitation only. 


            Determined by;

            1) player in good standing on a current NorthStar Senior team

            2) demonstration of effective team behaviors

            3) technical and tactical abilities, and 4) positional needs

NorthStar Policy and Expectations on Team Travel 

Traveling Athletes:

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

It is important to remember that as athletes you have other responsibilities when you travel to out-of-town and out-of-country events. Those responsibilities are outlined below and you are expected to abide by these guidelines. Please remember that you are not only representing yourselves, but also your team, the NorthStar Soccer Club, Traverse City, Michigan, and the United States of America, as well as parents and supporters.

The goal of every NorthStar team when traveling is to have whomever we come in contact with throughout our travels say the same thing about us:  "That NorthStar team was the BEST group of young people we have ever encountered."  Nothing less meets NorthStar expectations.  How you act and behave is a direct reflection upon your club, your coach, your parents, your town, your state and all of us on the trip. We ask that all athletes, regardless of age, abide by the following basic policies:


at all times shall reflect honesty, good sportsmanship, courtesy, and respect towards others. --Policies, procedures, rules and regulations of your NorthStar Team and the NorthStar Soccer Club must be followed at all times. --Use of language that is abusive, foul or offensive to others is prohibited. --Possession and/or consumption of any alcoholic beverage (even if it is legal in the country we are in) or any illegal drugs are prohibited. --Theft or possession of stolen property is prohibited. --A willful act of destruction to property of others is prohibited; it is the responsibility of the individual perpetrating such acts to make restitution.

Players who violate or disregard any of the Standards, Policies or Code of Conduct will meet with the Head Coach and the (involved) chaperones.  Appropriate action will be taken and may include loss of playing time, game suspensions (up to and including the players being sent home--upon notification) at the expense of the player’s parents or guardians.

Room Visitation: 

NO one of the opposite sex is allowed in ANY hotel room at ANYTIME.  All communication with the opposite sex must be in an open, visible public area.


 You are here for a soccer event/tournament and everything that we do is geared for that success. Swimming and pool play zaps players strength and energy which is not conducive to helping us on the field. This is not done to be mean -- this is to help ensure that you are 100% when we play.


A hotel is a place of business; you are NOT the only one paying to stay there. Activities in hallways are prohibited; yelling, loud talking in lobby areas is not allowed. No horseplay inside any area of the hotel. Pick up after YOURSELF - it may be you one day picking up for others.  REMEMBER TO LOCK YOUR DOOR WHEN LEAVING THE ROOM OR RETIRING FOR THE NIGHT!!


Curfew will be determined by the Head Coach. No one is allowed to leave the hotel during evening free time unless the Head Coach or designated chaperone has granted permission. NO player is permitted to leave his/her assigned hotel room after curfew. You are to be IN YOUR OWN room at curfew. Coaches and Chaperones need rest too. Please be considerate and oblige.

Additional Room Charges:

Pay-per-view movies, long-distance phone calls or other services that charge fees will not be permitted in the hotel rooms.  Any hotel service charges will be paid by the individual on checkout. Individuals are also responsible for the charges incurred for all phone calls.  Except for emergencies, room-to-room calls are prohibited after midnight.

Attendance, Tardiness and Dress: 

Players may NOT leave the event at any time for any reason, unless the Head Coach or a designated chaperone approves of the absence and renders approval for said absence.

Players are expected to participate in all scheduled meals and activities, to be PROMPT when meeting for designated activities, and to be appropriately attired.

Travel Etiquette:

While traveling by air, electronic devices may be used only if they are in compliance with the airline policy; while in transit, only devices with personal headphones will be permitted. Abusive language or shouting is not appropriate and will not be tolerated.  It is expected that players will cooperate fully with chaperones, coaches, travel personnel, airline attendants, bus drivers, tour guides, hotel personnel, and staff regarding behavior.

Buddy System:

Players must agree to check in with chaperones according to pre-established team procedures at all times or during sightseeing, meals and shopping times.   For safety, players must travel in groups or with a buddy as a minimum. WEAR A WATCH and buddy up with someone who has a cell phone.


It is understood that all personal effects may be subject to inspection by the coach or designated chaperone in the necessary enforcement of the policies and rules of the trip at any time during the tour. There will be no liability on the part of NorthStar, and/or the coaching staff or attending chaperones for any theft or damage to personal effects during the trip.  If it's important to you, KEEP track of it.  IPODS are a great thing to steal!  DO NOT BRING THEM TO THE FIELD!

Body-Hair Alterations:  

You should look the same when you come home as when you left. This means no body piercing, tattoos, hair colorings, etc.   Even if you have your parents with you – and or they verbally approve of it;  a team travel event is not the time or place for these activities.












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